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Living Alone or Settled but With A Wrong Person?

Hard question, right? No one ever dreamed of living all alone and end up on their own. The skulking feeling

This is how India can become the next Silicon Valley

India has long branded itself as the world’s leading outsourcing destination for global companies, particularly for those in the technology

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WWDC Special Event Keynote — June 22, 2020 – Apple

When is WWDC 2020? WWDC Special Event Keynote will kick off on June 22nd at 10.00 am PDT ( 10.30

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Behavioural systems and artificial general intelligence paving way to creativity

Since the dawn of civilization the perception of what is intelligent and creative has shifted over time. With the ever-

Who is allowed to travel to Italy from June 3rd?

As Italy seeks to restart its tourism industry, the country has reopened to some international visitors from Wednesday June 3rd

Studying online with Charles Sturt University, Study Centres

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Charles Sturt Study Centres has shifted their classes to online as opposed to the

A Note from a Teacher

Teaching and learning in the early years, a topic that has been debated over many decades yet involves many grey