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Do the clubs know? Very often, yes. Pre-season and indeed post-season tours are particularly fertile breeding grounds for these hook-ups. Sometimes, with two big clubs in the same part of the world at the same time, they can involve players from more than one team.

In terms of venues, they will sometimes be a private room at a club. Frequently these days, women will be ferried to a player’s house. AlphonseS italia pelipaita BrandonWa Many footballers convert underground space at their properties to party rooms and this, largely, is why. At one Premier League club, meanwhile, a player owns an empty flat simply for this purpose.

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Loosely attached to voetbalshirt duitsland some Premier League dressing rooms, for example, will be a ‘fixer’. He may be a friend or relative of a player. He may be a driver. He is the one who gets things done. AlphonseS italia pelipaita BrandonWa He may place a bet – in cash – on a player’s behalf with a bookmaker. He may get them a car. Equally and just as frequently, he will sort out the women.

It is unwise to speak too broadly about this. The modern football squad is diverse and mixed, not least in its attitude and its behaviour towards women. There is as much good as there is bad.

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