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America Career Education International Relations Society

How to successfully work in an International Organisation- (Based on Interview and Analysis using Hofstede’s cultural dimensions)

Executive Summary With almost 70,000 international organizations in the world, there are a lot of individuals that work in international

America Career Education Reviews Social Problems Society Trending Now

A RACIALLY JUST WORKFORCE: From colour blind to colour brave

This article brushes through statistical data, pie charts and figures in order to depict the limitations and unjust proportion of



The name comes from the words ‘unique’ and ‘clothing’ – simple and clever, just like clothes, which are world-famous for being

Career Education Society Trending Now

Parental influence of career pressure faced by children and its consequences

Without a doubt, engineers and doctors are prestigious jobs that surely reel in bulky salaries, which to some extent would



Chanderi is also famous for its brocades and muslins, especially for its hand-woven Chanderi sarees. Here, master weavers use silk

Destinations Lifestyle Travel

Case Study of the marketing strategy: AIRBNB

INTRODUCTION Airbnb was originally called as Airbed and breakfast. Initially, this site used to offer only shared spaces and some


Building an effective survey: productive surveys are the way forward

Obtaining volume of responses While designing a survey we should keep in mind quick and efficient questions that answer the

America Education Mental Wellbeing Politics Society

An analysis of biopower through the medium of ‘madness’ in civilisation.

 How does bio-power influence our understanding of the sane and insane? How does it separate the rational from irrational? What

Lifestyle Poems Short Stories & Poem Trending Now

The Wine

A bottle of wine is like an onion with layers of pleasure. Right from the colours, the smell and the

Environment Migration Politics Social Problems Society Uncategorized

Xenophobia: Trending phobia amidst the Pandemic

Contemporary Xenophobia The term immigrant can be used to define a foreign-born who seeks permanent or semi-permanent residency in the