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An exploratory study of organizational practices undertaken to cater to the needs of employees with disabilities and critical illnesses

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The conception of this research project was the result of the constant support and motivation that the management of

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Goodbye plain Hello Sky, With Team Skyhigh!

~Team Unisnap Adrenaline pumping, windy, recreational and intense. The above are the exact words that pop up on one’s mind

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Ethics & Privacy, Fragile; Handle social Media with care.

The digitalised era has surely bestowed upon us the boon of social media. Social media cuts across all age groups,

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Biden Triumphs Trump

People across the world are celebrating with bottles of champagne and waving Biden-Harris flags on the removal of Trump republican

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The Art of Overthinking

~Sarah, Team Uni Snap She wondered which wounds went deeper The jagged wounds of reality, or the profound invisible bruises