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Pandemic, Presidential elections & Global Market

2020 doesn’t seem to be taking it easy on us! October hasn’t failed its expectations by kick starting with the


Education ‘MODI’fied?

Indeed. Writer’s rant(Ex- schooler): I did cry out on being enlightened to this new system. Tears of happiness for my


New York Times to relocate part of Hong Kong office to Seoul

The Times cites uncertainty about Hong Kong security law as well as difficulties in securing visas for its journalists. The


Even Donald Trump knows he is in deep, deep trouble in the 2020 race

CNN – During his rambling speech in the Rose Garden Tuesday, President Donald Trump pushed back on the idea that his campaign

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Can the Indian TikTok stars survive the ban?

Having banned TikTok and other 59 apps in India, influencers are in complete disarray! The TikTok app was especially close


The end of Baby Boomers- The age of Coronials.

We’ll be shacking up, I’ll be offering testimonialsIn 9 months, we’re giving birth to the Coronials~ Lil Durby Pubs are

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Is it time to replace the outdated HR polices in South Asia?

Paternity leave is becoming more and more common in the recent world, as it has been shown to be beneficial


Will COVID-19 spell the end for exams?

Educational reform tends to be a delayed process, and the catalyst is more often than not new technologies. Seventy years


One metre or two? 4 factors influencing safe social distancing

What constitutes a safe distance when it comes to the spread of COVID-19? The answer depends on where you live. China,

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I was just two when my father left us, and there’s this great human being who unselfishly took care of