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People across the world are celebrating with bottles of champagne and waving Biden-Harris flags on the removal of Trump republican administration and declaration of Joseph R. Biden Jr. as the 46th US president-elect!  Having said that, this victory comes with many firsts..

Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village on
Saturday Night. Source: New York Times

Starting with America having its first woman, first South Asian woman and the first Black Woman to be appointed as Vice President elect, none other than Kamala Harris! Its team woman power! Other than being a true inspiration for women around the globe, Kamala Harris can make serious steps towards prison and police reform, progressive reforms on climate change, prioritising healthcare more and break off the deals and money acceptance from American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).  

“ …But while I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last. Because every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities. And to the children of our country regardless  of  your gender our country has sent you a message. Dream with ambition, lead with conviction and see yourselves in a way that others may not , simply because they’ve never seen it before, but know that we will applaud you every step of the way….”

~ Kamala Harris during her Victory Speech.

Most importantly the 2020 elections have surfaced one of the most truly incredible breakthroughs in the history of US elections. There were many LGBTQIA Senators and legislators who made history in the 2020 US election. These include Michele Rayner- Goolsby who’s first black queer female state legislator in Florida, Taylor Small who’s the first transgender state legislator in Vermont, Mauree Turner as the first non-binary Muslim state lawmaker in the US, Gloria Todd who’s the first openly LGBTQ+ and colour elected mayor of San Diego and Sarah McBride as the highest-ranking transgender public official state senate of Delaware in the united states, to name a few.

As I write, it is 290 seats for Joe Bidden and 214 for President Donald Trump. It is finally a Bi Den for Trump! Yet President Donald Trump, along with his supporters, refuses to concede defeat and blaming Democrats are stealing the election and stating that he shall want the matter be taken to the supreme court in regards to recounting of votes in several states. Even with the recount strategy, Joe Bidden is far above losing the presidential elect. The recount could only delay the states being called for Bidden.

Source :Twitter

Implications to Joe Biden’s win

In a moral victory, Bidden has received 75 million votes nation-wide which is the highest for a US presidential candidate since Barrack Obama (69 million).

  • Family-based Immigration, thereby increasing the number of visas offered for permanent, work-based immigration, reform the temporary visa system for high-skill and speciality jobs.
  • Joe bidden has promised an Equality Act in the first 100 days within his presidential period to bring the marginalised LGBTQIA communities into the mainstream of societal opportunities. Issues around coronavirus pandemic and fixing economically divided nation are to be worked upon receiving the presidential crown. Other equally important implications towards Biden’s win include:
  • Joe Bidden will support the reduction on the limits of employment-based green cards, thereby also promising to restore the naturalisation process for green cardholders.
  • Trump administration ‘s leading to sparking BLM’s movement, denial of climate change, mishandling of pandemic and other issue are to be taken into immediate consideration and action by Biden’s democratic administration.
  • Furthermore, to restore traditional US alliances disturbed by Trump administration’s wrecking ball ways, diplomacy, previously tweeted threats, past trashed treaties for improvising US’s overall stand in the world.
Source : Twitter

This win and its relation to India

Previously Bidden has played an important role as a chairman of the senate foreign relations and Vice president to strengthen and deepen the US-Indo relations. Few highlights include:

  • The US officially declared its support for India’s membership in a reformed and expanded United Nations Security Council., under the then Vice president Joe Bidden.
  • His vision in 2006 his vision for the future of US-India relations: “My dream is that in 2020, the two closest nations in the world will be India and the United States,” as stated by Joe bidden.
  • Biden led the charge and worked with both Democrats and Republicans, to approve the Indo-US nuclear deal in 2008.
  • The Obama-Biden Administration also named India as “Major Défense Partner”, as approved by the US Congress, to make it easier to share advanced and critical technology with India to strengthen defence ties.
  • Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) was signed in 2016with India for deeper military cooperation, under Barack-Bidden administration. LEMOA is extremely useful for India-US Navy-to-Navy cooperation since the two countries are cooperating closely in the Indo-Pacific.
  • Evidently, HB1 visas for skilled Indian professionals has been a concern under Trump administration. As Democrats are seen to be more liberal on immigration, Biden is expected to be softer towards Indians who go to the US to study, work and live there, and aspire for a better life.

Implications to other countries

  • Russia; Moscow’s influence operations played a disputed role in Trump’s 2016 election victory, while the Russian currency appreciated. However, now Russia is a weaker place in 2020 than it was in 2016 with a crash in oil prices and increasing public frustration shown towards the long-ruling president Vladimir Putin. Now with Joe Biden’s win, Russia fears the even lesser presence of positive US- Russia relations. Democrat in the white house will impose harsher sanctions on Russia.
  • Middle east; Both the Trump administration and that in which Biden served saw the region’s tangled conflicts and yearned for an escape. Neither managed to do it. Instead, U.S. air campaigns intensified, and U.S. troops remain deployed across numerous countries.
  • Europe; Europeans did not approve of President Trump and favoured Biden’s victory. Indeed there is much scope of hope for the US -Europe relations to change back from envy to compassion, just like the old days.
  • UK; PM Borris Johnson staked his career on betting against the European Union and won. While Trump was self-proclaimed Mr Brexit, Barrack -Bidden administration criticized the Brexit vote. But this forms no basis for the UK preferring trump’s win and neither does it do justice to Preferring Biden presidency either. Hence there’s still much to observe before stating any further.

References :

Sarah Singh Undergraduate,
Bachelors in Business and Commerce (BA)
at Monash University, Malaysia.

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