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Global advancements in machinery, technology and science, may combine to provide individuals with tools to explore, experiment and find interesting solutions to problems, which will also open up a whole world of new career opportunities. Like so, careers in the Biosecurity field are projected to grow and this means that a great variety of job openings are expected in the field for waiting qualified professionals. As in many public health related jobs, the market for biosecurity specialists shows no signs of stopping. With the ever-increasing global connectivity, with trade and people moving about at a high rate, the risk of spreading exotic organisms is quite high.  The importance of biosecurity comes to this, from managing threats  from pests to ensuring protection towards the environment and agriculture.



Obviously, the world is developing day-by-day, so its global trade. More than ever, professionals will have to worry about its risks in the international and domestic trade, thus career pathways in this field would be highly sought after and should be competent in risk analysis, quarantine, surveillance used to stop the entry and spread of exotic organisms around the world, as well as in depth emergency response to an exotic incursion. All in all, the main goal of these professionals would be to control and manage risks to health and become an essential element in establishing sustainable agricultural development.  



As an emerging issue of both national and international importance, biosecurity provides many career opportunities in government agencies and other industries that are biosecurity-relevant. Employment opportunities are available across a broad range of industries but may include job titles such as Biosecurity Intelligence Analysts, Biosecurity officer, biosecurity compliance regulatory officer, biosecurity policy officer and Biosecurity Risk Analysts.  As a professional in this field, you will be required to handle pest incursion, disease outbreaks that threaten our biodiversity, due to the increasing pressures such as the growing scale of trade, more visitors from abroad and climate change challenges, that is bound to have increased by 2030. 

The demand for professionals in this field is much needed, since it provides an essential service just like any other public health service; a clear difference in the world, a mix of ideal field work and desk work, or combination. If you are someone who enjoys a career in this field, you will gain exciting experiences and many opportunities for growth with high salary potentials. It will not just be “work”, a global service nonetheless. 




Written by Gayara Rajapakshe
Team UniSnap

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