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For researchers and marketers, to survey well is to survive well enough with great precise conclusions and feedbacks.

How to survey customers to get the volume of responses? How to make sure the responses are diverse?  How to motivate respondents to fill out a survey with genuine responses?

Obtaining volume of responses

    • While designing a survey we should keep in mind quick and efficient questions that answer the most the problems within minutes.
    • The question should be precise, crisp and relevant to the product and people so that the people can answer with their experience (not assumptions).
  • Formatting of the questions should be clear and in sequence, so as to make sure that the answers come at the first instant and do not need deep thinking.
  • Accuracy must be given the topmost priority, in order to get better qualitative and quantitative data needed for framing an accurate conclusion.
  • Since there is 45% success in IN-person survey we should be targeting the hot spots with more in-person surveys.
  • Even if we have paper mail/email type of survey we should be consistently be reminding the people to respond to the survey with a polite gesture and reminding them that their thoughts matters to us.
  • Customer value creation is crucial. The respondent must feel special while participating in the survey.
  • Eye on the prize: provide an incentive or even bursaries in return to the feedback.
  • Samples can be provided while conducting the survey so that they can give an accurate answer and true feedback to us.
  • Targeting the audience while keeping it diverse and ensuring the volume of response. Targeting student/faculty of colleges and school to gain the survey response from a diverse audience.

Surveying diverse people

India is a country that promotes unity in diversity and believes in it. The products should be catering to the various part of the population in India, may it be school going kids, gym freak, health geeks, Middle-aged or even elderly.
We should provide a product that caters to the needs of all these people, the all-inclusive model should be considered and the packaging should be good.
  • Ensuring the survey is conducted in such a way that we get feedback from all types of people belonging to various sectors of society.
  • The target hotspots to solve and survey the people coming from different spheres of life.
  • Places, for instance,  government schools have students coming from various backgrounds, with a different mindset and varied point of views.
  • Where else better than a Market: A market is visited by the people of different age groups. This is inclusive of the group wanting to try new things and experiment. Hence a market can be a good source for diverse respondents.
  • Conference /college festivals:  the audience is ready to experiment and give actual feedbacks.
  • We should keep our surveys on mediums and channels like social media platforms, emails, in-person and paper mail.

Motivating respondent towards genuine responses

  • Keeping the Moto ‘EYE on the prize’ giving them an incentive.
  • While conducting a survey we should be providing incentives like:

a. Free samples -which gives them an experience and after they have tried the samples they could share their thoughts, which in turn can prove to be more accurate and relevant, hence give us genuine feedback.

b. Hamper/ product samples -after answering and filling the survey.

  • The incentives like these are a crucial part of the survey since these give an experience to the respondent for in future they will rely on why respondent can bring in more audience to cater to. Secondly, it provides an advertising platform on a certain level.
  • Apart from these the accuracy of the survey depends on:
    1. Clarity of instructions purpose and question
    2. The motivation of the respondents
    3. The interest of the respondents
    4. Survey lengths and ease in the completing of the survey
    5. Rewards
  • Appealing to the desires of the respondents to feel important by explaining to them how their feedback can change the status quo.
  • Informing the respondent how the product and the survey will be able to bring a change in life overall.

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Harshit Prajapati (@hahahahahaharshit, @prajarty),
Bachelor of Design, National Institute of Fashion Technology

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