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Case Study of the marketing strategy: AIRBNB

INTRODUCTION Airbnb was originally called as Airbed and breakfast. Initially, this site used to offer only shared spaces and some

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An analysis of biopower through the medium of ‘madness’ in civilisation.

 How does bio-power influence our understanding of the sane and insane? How does it separate the rational from irrational? What

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The Wine

A bottle of wine is like an onion with layers of pleasure. Right from the colours, the smell and the

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Goodbye plain Hello Sky, With Team Skyhigh!

~Team Unisnap Adrenaline pumping, windy, recreational and intense. The above are the exact words that pop up on one’s mind

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Ethics & Privacy, Fragile; Handle social Media with care.

The digitalised era has surely bestowed upon us the boon of social media. Social media cuts across all age groups,

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The Art of Overthinking

~Sarah, Team Uni Snap She wondered which wounds went deeper The jagged wounds of reality, or the profound invisible bruises

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BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDINGS!!! Expensive clothes & jewellery, houses decorated, the air full of enthusiasm & joy, religious rites, meeting

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Is it time to replace the outdated HR polices in South Asia?

Paternity leave is becoming more and more common in the recent world, as it has been shown to be beneficial

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I was just two when my father left us, and there’s this great human being who unselfishly took care of

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Living Alone or Settled but With A Wrong Person?

Hard question, right? No one ever dreamed of living all alone and end up on their own. The skulking feeling