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With the constantly developing world, it is no surprise that data science has gained enormous value and data scientists have become modern-day superheroes amidst us. With the devastating pandemic, regarded as one of the most serious global health threats in a while, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted thousands of lives. However, with the use of data science, that damage was mitigated to a considerable extent. In the hustle and the bustle of the pandemic, Data Scientists are doing their part to the world by tapping into big data to research on the spread of novel coronavirus, two countries came about to admired for their sharp-witted precautions, including the use of data Science; Taiwan and Singapore have been taking extensive measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Taiwan, which is only 81 miles off the coast of mainland china was expected to be hit hard by the coronavirus, however the authorities were able to place strict measures and next is Singapore, which practiced timely preparation, aggressive testing and the usage of data science. 

Let us look at Taiwan and Singapore for their notable actions, relating to data science. 


One of the most notable implementations was the use of data science in the case identification process. They cleverly integrated its National Health Insurance database with its immigration and customs database, which subsequently flowed them the facility of case identification by generating real-time alerts during a clinical visit based on travel history and clinical symptoms. Then they were able to gather data, redistribute resources, investigate potential cases and follow up on their contact history, while they also were able to quickly isolate patients found to be carrying the virus.



Singaporean government launched an app that uses bluetooth to track close contacts and the duration of their encounters, which is called TraceTogether. Thereafter, the department can contact the users in case of “probable contact” with an infected individual. 

By taking sharp decisions and through early detection of a crisis, the governments of the respective countries were able to react quickly and protect the interest of the citizens; not only so, they were able to use data science in the realms of great pandemic as such, and make their operations much feasible. Thus, it clearly shows that the field of data science is quite lucrative and they are becoming more and more prevalent to be in the frontlines, battling it out, simply, saving the world as superheroes, along with the health professionals. 





Written by Gayara Rajapakshe
Team UniSnap

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