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Philippines is composed of 16 regions, and with that being said, it is no longer a surprise to taste “Regional Diversities ” in their food. Although Filipino food consists of simple and tropical cuisine, yet there are various styles and techniques a specific dish is being cooked in every region. Some tourist and even locals say that Filipino food is boring as it does not have that much spices in it. I might agree on that as our usual viands are cooked using just salt, soy sauce, vinegar. But there is one thing I can assure you, that we have hundreds of thousands of dishes that you can choose from. And lucky are those people who love travelling and adventure as they were able to indulge in such mouth-watering dishes served to them in each and every place they go, be it in a 5 Star Hotel or in a small restaurant in the street.

Let’s take a look on some of the most delectable, scrumptious and savory Filipino dishes.

 I would like to start in my beloved city. Iloilo City is part of Western Visayas Region, and even though Iloilo City is known for the delicious “Lapaz Batchoy” ( a serving of egg noodles called Miki, topped with generous amount of fried garlic, crush chicharron(pork skin), scallions, slices of pork meat, liver and a spoonful of bone marrow for finishing touch. I would like to also introduced to you one of the best dish Ilonggo (locals of the city) has to offer;



KBL is the most requested, favorite local dish in the City of Love. It is made up of pigeon peas, pork and a jackfruit. Procedure on how it is being prepared is by simply boiling the pork until tender and it should have that unique sour taste from the fruit we called “batwan”and the kadios as well. You might wonder why the soup is bit brownish in color; it is simply because of the kadios (pigeon pea) extract during the boiling process. Kaon Ta! (Let’s eat!)



If you are an epicure and love to try exotic dishes, then you will definitely love this one! Catanduanes is part of Bicol Region (Region V) located in the Southeastern part of Luzon. Most of the Filipino are familiar with this “Suso”, but I will bet you, only the residence of Catanduanes can make a distinctive and delicious “ginataang suso”. It is an exotic dish that you will find surprisingly yummy! Snails are cooked in a fresh coconut milk along with ginger and garlic plus you can also add some vegetables on it but adding chili can let you enjoy that spicy yet delectable taste anyone would love!



Moving to the Muslim frontier in the primarily Roman Catholic Philippines, Mindanao, located in the far South, commonly known as Southern Philippines, also called as the Philippines “Land of Promise”. It is the second largest island in the Philippines. Although Muslims are no longer a majority, Islamic culture is very much visible in this area. You will find Mosque in every corner of the island. Unlike the other parts of the Philippines, Mindanao was influenced by Malay and Indo, that even till this moment one of their favorite comfort food was originated and brought over by Malay, the “Tiyula Itum”. It is a braised beef or goat soup dish that originates from Tausug people. Don’t be shocked by its Black color, and it may seem singularly unappetizing, but wait! because it has a flavorful taste you will surely like. The blackness in color is due to the inclusion of burnt coconut as a flavoring.

Let’s go to the Region IV-A (CALABARZON),



Batangas is well known for its beautiful yet cost friendly beach resorts. The city has an exemplary beautiful scenery that anyone who wants to do some sort of “soul- searching “can actually consider the place. I must say, that as per my own experience, Batangas, beautiful and clean with bluish in color beaches are one of the Philippine wonders, but wait, there’s more! The most loved, most sought- after Bulalo Batangas (Beef Soup). In this one of a kind soup, all you need to have is a fresh bone-in Beef shank, some leafy vegetables, potato and the delicious, creamy bone marrow! So yummy! And of course, to make the dish more fascinating in the eyes of the Filipinos, you can add corn in a cob so it will have that tasty and gorgeous look of a soup.

People, history, culture- these are some of the reasons why there are lots, and lots of tourists who dreamed of visiting the Philippines. Aside from our beautiful tourist destinations such as beaches, mountains and many more man-made attractions…Filipinos have been tagged as one the most hospitable people in the world, and that is because of how we are welcoming tourists by serving them our well prepared and cooked love dishes. It’s Really More Fun in the Philippines



Written by
Romina Espinosa
Team UniSnap

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