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How do you define Colour? 

The most common form of meaning is “the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye because of the way it replicates or releases light “. 

Also, it is distinct as “the pigmentation of the skin, and it’s an indication of someone’s race”. It already creates a barrier among human beings. In my opinion, the Colour of a person should be measured based on peoples’ thought process. It is what’s most important rather than judging people by their skin colour. Firstly, the definition should not include the race or the Colour of skin. 

George Floyd’s story 

After what has happened to George Floyd, people raised questions on different ill-treatments based on their skin colour, and how companies and celebrities promote products based on skin colour. The authorities and people have created this mess in the first place. Therefore, we need to identify the root cause rather than damaging property and looting. The most prominent mistake people made is to take advantage of the situation and use their freedom to destroy someone’s property or steal goods from businesses. These people may be struggling in their means in this COVID-19 situation. As responsible human beings, we all need to think sensibly and take actions against the guilty, even the corrupt officials, name and shame them. Why didn’t they go and damage the properties of those people? Therefore, my question is, is it the Colour of your skin? It goes back to my argument at the beginning, it all depends on the thought process. 

Bollywood’s Story 

Some Bollywood stars were protesting against racism after George Floyd’s death. Also, there is an argument why Priyanka Chopra endorsed “intense fairness moisturiser” and now fighting for skin colour. She has already mentioned in a couple of past interviews that she regretted endorsing these ads as a young actress. You cannot blame the promoters, because people wanted such products and that’s why companies created such an opportunity.

Adversary to Great Hero

Another good example is Shah Rukh Khan, In the early ’90s, he was portraying villainous roles in the films such as Baazigar, Darr and Anjaam. He became prominent in the movie industry at that time. In the mid-1990s, he was taking roles in romantic movies. So, he became an antagonist to a caring and loving character. Look at him now, he is one of the most influential people in Indian culture and one of the fifty most influential people around the world. Did the Colour or the appearance become the priority of him? No, nothing could hinder his talent. So, you can see Colour or the appearance inferior when compared to the talent. 

As per the explanation of Colour, people always differentiate each other based on the Colour of their skin. Discrimination starts with the family and friends, and people bully each other based on skin colour. This is the thought process of individuals. It’s all about the mind and how they see the world. So, we cannot blame the companies or an individual person. 

Roots need to be changed

Primarily, you need to change your mindset, look at everyone from a gentle eye and think as we all are human beings. It should start with parents. If they look at other people by judging them by Colour, most of the time, their children will follow the same path without knowingly or unknowingly. Secondly, the responsibility should go to teachers as they are the second parents of these kids. At the same time, policymakers should be responsible for the hatred they spread among the community based on the race. Most importantly, religious leaders should not discriminate against people based on their Colour. Therefore, to minimise the effects of the Colour, everyone should act responsibly. Then Colour will be a thing of the past.

Written by
Sumudu Senarath
Team UniSnap


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