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Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world in many ways and is changing our day-to-day life. Touching every aspect from Education to healthcare, AI is reinventing — and reinvigorating how far we can go. As the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is gaining prevalence around the world, experts in the field have come to rely on AI to alleviate the effects of the global health crisis. Significantly, a Toronto-based startup by the name ‘BlueDot’ was among the first in the world to identify the emerging risk of COVID -19, via AI. The BlueDot team confirmed the info its system had relayed and informed their clients that very day, nearly a week before Chinese and international health organisations made official announcements. Due to the speed and the scale of AI, BlueDot is able to quantify the risk of exposure, detect outbreaks and anticipate its impact of the virus globally. Moreover, Artificial intelligence company ‘Infervision’ launched a coronavirus AI solution that helps front-line healthcare workers detect and monitor the disease efficiently and improve the CT diagnosis speed. This is an efficient tool for physicians as Infervision AI acts as a great time saver and manages the process much efficiently. Furthermore, Alibaba (E-commerce company) has come up with a AI-powered diagnosis system to identify the virus within seconds via computerized tomography scans, which claims to have an accuracy rate of 96%. 



From the above advancements, you can clearly see how Artificial intelligence has revolutionized every field, including the healthcare industry; it has started to play a major role in our daily lives as well and it is considered the most exciting element in every business right now. Due to its popularity, it is also considered an exciting career domain, however, keeping aside the monetary and the benefits attached, AI initiatives bring a positive change in the society; direct towards an altruistic purpose such as how BlueDot, Infervision and Alibaba has worked towards. They have strived to make a significant difference in the world and in the process of saving mankind. So, while everyone wants to be a doctor to save people, why not follow the path of Artificial Intelligence?



Written by Gayara Rajapakshe
Team UniSnap

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