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Quick Flashback to 100 years, and to the exact same day. We never know how the situation was and have no idea what they were suffering from. Might even be suffering from a pandemic same as us, and might they were quarantined too.

Throughout history till now in different stages we had to face different diseases due to bacteria and viruses. Countless lives were buried due to these illnesses. But somehow with the technology we have evolved to resist them and they have developed new ways to infect us, the battle is endless. 

However, what would happen if we were suddenly exposed to those deadly bacteria and viruses that have been absent for thousand years, or that we have never met?

Unfortunately Yes!As per the researchers this climate change is melting permafrost soil that has been frozen for thousand years. As a result we are getting exposed to all those ancient viruses and bacteria which were buried thousand years ago.

How those frozen viruses and bacteria will reach us after a thousand years, as the earth warms. Glaciers start melting so even permafrost will melt. Permafrost is a permanently frozen layer that has been frozen continuously for a minimum of two years and as many as thousand years which is below the earth’s surface. Frozen permafrost soil was a perfect place for bacteria to survive for thousands of years.

This protective cover over the Earth and Sea, obviously Glaciers, are melting because of the human activities. Especially since the industrial revolution, the percentage of carbon dioxide emitted to the air has drastically increased. All these carbon dioxide and the other greenhouse gas emissions have raised the temperature, even higher in the poles and as a result, glaciers are rapidly melting, calving off into the sea and retreating on land.

As the glaciers are melting the sea levels are increasing, cloud forests are dying and then the wildlife get affected. So the whole system gets messed. All this happens due to the behavioral pattern of the human being. We often call the result of this mess “Global warming”! This phenomenon causes a set of changes to the Earth’s climate, changing the long term weather patterns too.

We are living with Mother Nature, so everything around us is interconnected and after all most importantly what we do now will decide the future. The Pandora box is right in front of us, the decision of opening it or not is yours. So be responsible!


Thakshila De Silva
Team Unisnap


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