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The USA TODAY bestselling author of the Ten Tiny Breaths and Burying Water series makes her thriller debut with this gripping story of a woman committed to obtain justice for her best friend’s death.

Celine Gonzalez and Maggie Sparks has completely different personalities; each with their own idea on success.  Growing up, Maggie’s life was full of luxury, an heiress to an American Energy Cooperation, who grew up to a humanitarian. While, Celine was a Mexican immigrant, the daughter of Maggie’s nanny, whose dream was to become an antiques appraiser for a major Auction house. Despite their differences, they became instant friends, which remained fierce even as they grew up. Though certain circumstances forced them apart and their lives took different directions, their strong friendship remained intact.

The story begins with Maggie’s arrival in New York after hearing about Celine’s apparent suicide. The police report states that Celine died of a drug overdose, an attempt on suicide; Maggie is not convinced.  In spite of the occasional struggles that Celine went through due to depression, Maggie is adamant that Celine did not have a valid reason to end her life, as she was a strong and an ambitious woman.

As Maggie sorts through Celine’s belonging at her apartment, she discovers clues that will fuel her doubts on what exactly happened to her best friend: was it suicide or murder? Her instinct says murder, thus she travels down the road of Celine’s life, meeting her friends, neighbors and lovers. As Maggie gets deeper into her investigation, she stumbles upon Celine’s darkest secrets. Secrets so deep, so dark that it would cause utter turmoil and tear families apart. While looking for clues, she uncovers a hidden photograph of man with a bizarre message scrawled behind. This clue marks the beginning of her relentless pursuit of justice with the help of an expensive private investigator.

“This man was once my salvation. Now, he will be my ruin.”

As Maggie unearths more of Celine’s secret life, she realizes did not know her friend quite as well as she thought. Having discovered more than she bargained for, Maggie inadvertently put herself on the radar of the killer and the consequences turns deadly.

That must be what he does — he uncovers your secrets, your fears, your flaws — and  he uses them against you.

He did it to Celine.
And now he’s doing it to me.

When it comes to the plot, K.A Tucker’s impeccable writing and her story weaving ability will leave the reader speechless and asking for more. The story starts on a gripping prologue, which will capture any reader within just two pages into the book. With a unique storyline, the plot is beautifully developed and well thought out with a perfect pace suitable for a suspense read, with a properly structured chapters with the right length, just enough to reveal something new. It is quite a page-turner, with each chapter ending on a strong note leaving the readers hungry for more.

In the beginning, the story might look simple, however as it progresses and as the plot twists come into action, things will seem complicated and will keep the reader guessing till the end. Even though, the story is told in the point of view of Maggie, as the story unfolds, the readers are able to get glimpses of Celine’s life through her own eyes in flashbacks. This enables the reader to get an idea on her emotional and financial struggles that she has endured.

The author has crafted her characters to be deep and highly realistic with Maggie Sparks being the perfect heroine for suspense/mystery novel as she is smart and determined. Her loyalty is admirable and perseverance working on Celine’s case is praiseworthy, even after discovering her darkest secrets and falling prey to many dangers. Tucker has created an intriguing set of secondary characters too, with fantastic characterization. Moreover, the atmosphere of the novel has a rather a noir setting to it. It matches well with the suspense element, deepening the mystery and the plot’s intensity.

Overall, K.A. Tucker has delivered a heart-pounding tale of suspense with so much depth and intensity. It will constantly surprise the reader with mind-blowing plot twists and shocking revelations which will make the reader guess and guess again!

From mysterious men, secret diaries to Ming dynasty Chinese artifacts, what is Celine hiding and who is her killer?


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