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For many of us, Coronavirus lockdown constitutes a heartbreaking separation from family, friends, coworkers and for some it gives them unemployment and follows financial instability. Things have started getting serious. Unknown fear in everyone’s eyes. Think about how the lockdown changed my life as I am in a foreign country? 

The pandemic has affected everyone, anywhere, impacting our work conditions in an unprecedented way.  I came to Sri Lanka in September of 2019 and I was so happy and content along the way as I am reunited with my husband and my youngest son was able to see his grandparents for the first time. I was able to land a job in a Bistro cum bar in Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka. I loved my job as it exposed me to the locals and even foreigners that visited the country, and as a Filipina I loved to entertain people and show them how hospitable Filipinos are. After a few months of working in a food and beverage industry, I was able to land a great job in one of the established companies in Sri lanka.

It’s been almost two and a half months since joining my new company, when the lockdown starts. Most of the mother’s would love to stay at home as they will be able to take good care of their kids. Yes, I don’t mind taking care of my little one, but staying  at home and having some fear of what will happen to the world, when the virus will have medicine, how will my son go to school, when I can go back to work, how can we have a normal life? A lot of questions and worries backside of my head that made me feel troubled.

For the first 2 weeks I’m fine: I would work on my regular schedules, cleaning the house, doing some household chores, doing some of my daily activities. Watch movies, keeping an eye on my little one, feeding him, putting him to sleep, chatting with my siblings back home. Then loneliness started to hit me and all I want is for the time to pass by very fast. I miss the life before the lockdown. I miss getting up early to cook and prepare myself for work, catching the train and squeezing myself inside where you can’t even drop a needle. But I’m happy with the normal life I used to have here in Sri Lanka, exhausting yet fulfilling.

Being locked down in a place which is a total stranger for me, made me experience heightened anxiety as I am also worried about my family situation way back home.  I’ve been living separately with my siblings for more than a decade, which has never been a problem to me. I was able to still see them anytime I wanted to, can go out and have some food and drinks, visit a friend, go to the mall and others. But this lockdown has become a horrible experience. I’ve never felt this emptiness in my whole life.

As the first month passes by, I try to find ways on how I will be able to survive the anxiety, the stress and the loneliness I am experiencing. First thing I did was meditate, while browsing the net, I found out that meditating is one of the best things you can do for your mental health. I allotted a specific time for my prayer. I don’t exercise, but because of the lockdown I need to move my body, as the endorphin rush you get from exercise can be vital for managing stress, improving your mood and even boosting your immunity. I just got so lucky as one of my friends has invited me to write some article regarding my beloved country and some other content that I might have interest with. Because of that, my time is well spent and I kept myself occupied with what best article to write next. 

Now, for more than one month, I am keeping myself busy writing an article. I still do my daily household workloads, I love being with my son, enjoying every bit of it. I just look at it in a more positive manner. Hoping and praying that these too shall pass, and we will be able to go back to how the world was before.  For now, I just have to remind myself, that this lockdown is for the best of all of us and It won’t be forever.

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end”
John Lennon


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