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Siddhartha was just a few hours away from gaining Enlightenment, as we, the deities from the heavens above, witnessed the worst attacks of Devaputra Mara,  the chief of all the demons, in the world. As the darkness swept across the sky and fierce winds shook the earth, Siddharatha was yet to be conquered; he could not be frightened into abandoning his meditation, rather it made him even more determined. Mara conjured up whirlwinds, rain and thunder struck angrily across the sky; he even made trees crash around, in loud commotion; the earth cracked open, as animals scattered across to hide themselves from their doom.

When his efforts wound up empty, he dispatched his army of sons, who were beasts, with multiple heads, horns with serpents and yellow fangs. They came hissing and seething trying to attack Siddartha but he looked down upon them with loving compassion. Mara even summoned his beautiful daughters to lure Siddhartha. They swayed and twirled erotically, eyes sparkled with lust, yearning to seduce him. Yet he continued to meditate unperturbed. Each obstacle was defeated by Siddartha from his good-heartedness. We were all relieved, despite our helplessness in being unable to provide our protection. We, as deities, were not in the liberty of enlisting, as Siddhartha was on the path to enlightenment; it was a battle that he had to fight within, yet we were quite distressed at the prospect of Mara succeeding in his goal.

Finally, the evil Mara retreated and the terrible storm died away; the great darkness faded away with him and we cried tears of relief. The full moon and a sky full of twinkling stars appeared once again. The stench of evil was replaced with the fragrance of jasmine in the air and the Buddha became still and peaceful as he went into a deep meditation.

Within a few moments,  we sensed that his mind passed beyond the limits of human understanding; he saw the world as it really is, the wheel of rebirth, the law of karma and through this understanding, he attained Enlightenment – the path that leads all sufferings and difficulties in this world – he became the fully enlightened one. 

As the glorious morning dawned, both us – the deities, animals and humans rejoiced! The ambience of the jungle changed completely! A wonderful fragrance of jasmine infused with sandalwood filled the air, as we tossed flowers from above, a subtle dew was drizzling ever so lightly. The dry rivers flowed in serenity with turquoise waters and pink lotuses sprang and bloomed in welcome, while the animals hushed their cries and pink & blue butterflies, circled around, curling in the sweetest of swirls. 

The forest came to life, the trees danced in the mellow wind, the sound of running water was hypnotic, almost musical, filling our senses with peace.  As the world saw the first golden rays of the day, glistening in the horizon like a golden petal stretching over the rich blue skies, the sun rose, filling the sky with shades of pink, peach, amber and rose, resembling hope and a new beginning. 

We felt a deep wave of relief and happiness; as we cried tears of joy for having witnessed this moment of pure bliss – it was like a beam of light to the soul. A soft breeze lifted the velvety leaves of the Bodhi tree and the world lay in absolute tranquility. The lord Buddha, sat under the bodhi tree, emanating a heavenly glow of blue, orange, green and pink, in perfect radiance and glory. We watched in awe, as was embraced in the light of all wisdom, and a deep sense of calmness overcame us. His face emanated a look of deep contentment, a mind free from disturbing thoughts; he looked calm, blissful simply at peace with himself. 

Amidst the whispering of the deities, it was deduced that the Lord Buddha had become the wisest person in the world, who could answer all the questions; he had found a way to end sorrow, unhappiness, suffering, old age and death. He had finally realized the path to Buddhahood and how all living beings can achieve it. 

As the Lord Buddha engaged in deep contemplation of Dhamma, we bowed our heads and paid our homage to the chosen one, in unconditional gratitude.

Sadhu! Sadhu!

Written by Gayara Rajapakshe
Team UniSnap

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