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Hard question, right? No one ever dreamed of living all alone and end up on their own. The skulking feeling of fear and anxiety that comes whenever you think that you are getting old and dying alone is obviously familiar to anyone. Seeing yourself and thinking that you will have no one to lean on during your hard times and even good times scares all of us.  But what if you are with someone but aren’t getting the affection, love, not just ordinary but a true love every individual is longing for? Would you settle for less and take the risk or be brave enough to face the world alone?

Societal pressures tell us that people in a relationship are happier, and while many people are, there are also people who are chronically unhappy. We all want to find someone who will love us with all of their heart, no limitations, no conditions, someone who will love us for who we are, who will accept our entirety and adore us exactly the way we are. Everybody wants that, even some wanted to have more than that, and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Problem is, our hunger for this feeling can put us in the wrong place. It can make us impulsive and careless, putting us in a situation where we are supposed not to, if we just think about it a little bit longer. More often than not, our eagerness to find love to avoid being alone leads us to a relationship that is not right for us. Our mindset is that when we are in a relationship it would complete us and keep us happy. We need to always be part of what’s “IN” in the place we lived in. The thing is, being in a relationship just for the sake of it will never make anyone happy.

True happiness should come from within, we cannot force people to love us the way how we wanted to be loved. 

Having someone which is quite not right for us just to avoid the feeling of being alone sounds not practical for so many. In the long run, you will feel more lonely, empty and desperate to find the love we are looking for. In a later part of a relationship, when you are neglected, there is disinterest in all that you do, you are not appreciated for all your efforts. We will know it when we don’t get any compliments for a job well done in the household, for the tasty food we cooked. We know it when we wake up in the middle of the night with a warm body right beside us but feeling as though we’re completely alone.

The simple algorithm we need to understand if you are following happiness is, the one who expects least and gives more to someone without expecting anything in return is the one who is more happy ,because it’s not the person who hurts you, but the expectations that you made from someone hurt. So, expect less, do more.

“Be content when you are single, and give everything it takes to hold on to him/her when you are in a relationship. Either way you will be happy.”

Written by Romina Espinosa Team UniSnap



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