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“Which country will you be going to do your degree?” This is a common conversation among the advanced level students in Sri Lanka. Students nowadays are quite ahead of age in understanding the benefits of overseas education, that going abroad to study is not an option but a firm decision early on. The reasons often being that, the students would rather prefer for a world-class education and of course a qualification that’s worth the investment. In fact, choosing to pursue your higher studies is unequivocally the most educationally stimulating experiences, which will turn you into a super confident individual, but in case you are not convinced as yet of the benefits, still wondering why you should study abroad? Read on!

Higher employment rate and attractive career opportunities

After you are done with your studies and return home, the next goal is to be employed at a renewed workplace with an attractive remuneration. However, you may think, “what makes me different from the other graduates? Do I have a competitive edge? Absolutely! Many students come back as complete different individuals, with a great education, language skills and a new outlook on culture. Not to mention, having grown both professionally and personally. Such traits seem quite alluring to future employees. Employees believe that such students tend to be open minded, resourceful and easily adaptable in the changing world.

According to a recent survey,

64 percent of employers consider study abroad experience to be important, and 92 percent of employers look for transferable skills that are typically gained from the experience, such as flexibility to new challenges.

Not only the high employment rate, many students are find their jobs quite easily, most likely within the first six months of graduation.

According to IES Abroad survey,

“Nearly 90% of study abroad alumni found their first jobs within six months of graduation compared to only 49% of recent college graduates in the general population who found jobs within a year; study abroad alumni earned $7,000 more in starting salaries.”

Face New Challenges

Studying abroad feels nothing like a vacation – daunting idea to begin with. It requires great endurance and vigor. You will be out of comfort zones and face many obstacles such as, homesickness, living in a wholly new environment and living on a budget, that too juggling a foreign currency. Nevertheless, you may feel a great sense of satisfaction at the end; you will be proud of your small accomplishments. Such situation calls out for confidence and boosts self-esteem. In retrospect, you will become wiser and more capable of facing the world head on – as an individual being.

Researchers at Leuphana University Lüneburg in Germany found that compared to students who spent the entirety of their studies locally, those who had spent some time abroad were more independent.

Studying abroad will definitely be a great opportunity to discover yourself, while testing your ability to adapt to variety of situations!

Master your language skills
Students Walking Through The Park

What is the best way to learn a new language? Total immersion! Let’s say you are fairly good at English but it isn’t your native language, this will be the ultimate opportunity to develop your language skills, since you will be required to use it on a daily basis – in other sense, dive right in! No amount of reading can prepare you for the leap achieved from practical usage.

Moreover, some universities like   offer language courses at the university itself, making it easier for the students to develop their academic writing skills, apart from the daily usage.  In no time, you will start speaking your new language better than your native language!

Take in a New Culture

One of the best advantages of studying abroad is the ability to experience a new culture first-hand.

Initially, you may go through a culture shock, but that shouldn’t dishearten you.  In no time you will be fascinated and in love with the new country! Learning about different customs and living an entirely different lifestyle will be unfamiliar at first, but will definitely turn out to be enriching and will expand your horizons.  This experience will have a lasting impression in your mind, aid in seeing things from a different perspective.

Businesswoman and team at the office.
Professional Network

Leaving your beloved friends in the home country and going away for overseas education will seem daunting at first. However, the best part is you will meet new people from diverse backgrounds. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with other students at the university, which means you can expand your international connections and create a professional network. Such connections can lead to valuable opportunities like, internships, job offers and career advancements.  At many instances, these people you meet will turn out to be partners for life. Despite the profession that you pursue, the numerous connections can turn out to be unforeseen opportunities.

What’s next?

Having read this article you must be having a thorough knowledge on its benefits, and you have found a subject that you are passionate about. What should be your next move?

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