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I was just two when my father left us, and there’s this great human being who unselfishly took care of us and loves us unconditionally, my superhero, my Mom. Looking back on how she was able to surpass all the trials, problems and life struggles, thinking of what she must have endured, it still gives me goosebumps. My mother came from a very poor family and because of that she became an ambitious little girl dreaming to get her degree in order for her to have a better life ahead. But life will test you how far you can go, how far your patience and faith will lead you.  My mom was not being prioritized by my grandparents as the old  people in their village  believe that if you have a daughter, there is no point in sending them to school as they are going to get married at the end of the day and providing an education would be useless then, that time.

The world’s best mother- My Mom!

My mom tried all her best to be able to support herself in schooling but she is not fortunate enough to get her degree as no one has helped her. She got married at the early age of 20’s and had us. Life tried to knock her out many times when we are at a very young age, but my mother’s ambition to give us the best life she never had does not stop her from continuously fighting against all odds. No one from my father’s side has extended their helping hand to my mother, so she alone with the help of my grandfather raised us.

She used to be my protective shield from all the people that talked badly about us, as obviously in a judgmental society we lived in, people tried to throw stones and tried to find flaws in our family as we grew up without a father beside us. I remember the first day when I was in my second year in high school that we had to stand in front of the class and introduce ourselves and that includes telling you about your family. I was so nervous as I don’t know how to tell them that I don’t have a father, and that he left us. When it was my turn to tell something about myself, I lied and told that my father was an OFW. I told my mother that night itself what I did and I remember her telling me; you don’t have to tell a lie to please everybody, even if you don’t have a father, I never let you feel that as I am providing everything you need more than I can even afford, she says. That is an eye opening for me, that when my mother doesn’t care about what people say about her being left by her own husband, why should I be afraid of? A mother, in many ways, is the most sacrificing person anyone could ever think of. 

After finishing my degree, I told my mother that she can relax once I get a job. I worked hard in order for me to provide all my mother’s needs and even my siblings’ wants. She is the reason why I strive really hard in life and in my studies because I want to give back all her sacrifices and love. I will never be the person I am today if it’s not because of her.  

Whenever I think about her and recall how our life blossoms into a happy and complete family, the first word that comes in my mind is sacrifice. I have seen how my mother works day and night just to make sure we were able to go to school and even finish our degree in one of the best state universities in the Philippines. She doesn’t think twice for anything when it involves her children’s education and welfare. I remember when I graduated from high school, I was the first honor in our class. My teachers jokingly requested for a treat and unfortunately, we don’t have money at all to even buy a drink as a treat. I told my mother and without my knowledge she took a loan from an Indian businessman who stays in the Philippines just to make sure I would be able to give a treat to my teachers. I was very happy that time as my mother was very proud of my achievement. My mother is the epitome of sacrifice, courage and unlimited compassion.

My Superwoman

Now my mom is no longer with us. She joined our Creator almost four years ago. My best friend, my number one critic, my frenemy, my strength and at the same time my weakness. My mother’s passing was the most difficult and hurtful event in my life. She might physically not be with us but one thing is for sure, she is just above there, watching, guiding me and I am confident that she is so proud of what I have become. I am so grateful to have you as my mother and I love you from infinity and beyond.


Written by Romina Espinosa Team UniSnap

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