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Kids being born in the 21st century are known as the “cool kids” among all generations. Because all these 21st “cool kids” gets to experience the luxurious lifestyle which kids back then couldn’t experience.  For instance the marvelous technology, starting from a phone with buttons to an iPhone. And something they would wake up to is “social media” that would basically be the first thing they would check once they wake up (I don’t want to lie, Because SAME HERE)

Apart from talking about the luxurious lifestyle a 21st generation youth would have, there are still some problems which didn’t improve with the changes of the years, one major common issue is how teenage young girls are being treated, back in the previous generation, young girls were either killed, or not sent to school because they were seen as household workers, or either married at a very young age to older men.

But in the 21st century, we don’t really hear all this stuff, where young girls were killed, or married at a young age. However sexual assaults and bullying and catcalling girls haven’t stopped. In our generation, a girl can’t walk wearing anything short, because the next thing they know is that there will be pictures of her all over social media, or catcalled.

Say no to bullying and harassments!

When talking about issues about what young girls face, one major issue is bullying and harassment, bullying and harassment begins by influencing their identity. When discussing bullying this recalls me of an incident which happened to a girl. She was bullied throughout her entire school life, she was body shamed and called out as a bad image to the school, and if you ask me why it’s because she went to her guy best friends birthday party wearing something short.

It’s a thing of our generation to label girls if they wear something with a bit of skin out.

All these body shaming would cause a person to go through depression, and they would lose all their confidence and identity because of these things people would call out saying, so I believe even for a joke you shouldn’t call someone fat, thin or anything else. Because these “jokes” people make could lead to several struggles such as self-harm etc

Is 21st generation about gender equality and being open-minded?

They say, that “21st generation is more about gender equality and how people are more open-minded” but I guess it’s not about it all the time. Because if it’s all about gender equality and being open minded I don’t think girls would have to face any of these issues which they go through on a daily basis.

For example , imagine , a teenage girl walking down the street after a party at 11:30 pm , do you think she would be on the safe hands , well no , because she would either be catcalled or molested , but what if a guy was in the same situation do you think they would cat -call him  or try to Molest him ? Well no because “he’s a guy after all

And that proves there is no such thing called gender equality in the 21st generation

We all have the right to say no and be heard

sexual assaults against ladies by anyone is never right, regardless of whether the abuser is somebody you date; a present or past life partner, beau, or sweetheart; a relative; an associate; or an outsider. Young girls are not to blame. you, girls, didn’t make the maltreatment happen, and you are not in charge of the violent behavior of another person.

Before I end this I would like to mention a few ways you could get help if you’re in any trouble or somebody you know has been explicitly struck, look for assistance from other relatives and companions or network associations. Connect for help or directing. Chat with a human services supplier, particularly in the event that you have been physically stung. Figure out how to limit your danger of turning into a casualty of rape or sexual maltreatment before you end up in an awkward or compromising circumstance. Also, find out about how to get help for rape and maltreatment beneath. Another vital piece of getting help knows whether you are in a damaging relationship. There are clear signs to enable you to know whether you are being mishandled.



Written by Tinalee Shehara Gonigoda, Undergraduate in Health Science




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