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Love Aaj Kal: and the looming generation gap

The year is 1990.
Love is still conservative.
Love is hiding from parents and passing secret love letters.

The year is 2020.
Love is unconventional.
Love is now out in the open – for the world to see.

Love Aaj Kal (2020) is a movie that tackles romance while giving the audience a little insight into the difference and also similarities of love between old-school and modern times. For those with first-hand experience in love, they would agree that “love” as a definition does not change between generations, however the process does. A good example is Love Aaj Kal (2020) movie that provides the viewer with an overall insight as to how the process of love itself has evolved between 1990 and 2020.

Take young Raghu Singh (Kartik Aaryan) in the year 1990, a seemingly innocent boy pursuing an equally innocent girl, Leena. It seems to be the perfect love story, with young Raghu going above and beyond for the reciprocal of her love. However, with maturity, things change and so does Raghu, with the whirlwind of affairs. Multiple mistakes are made – yet, Leena is willing to accept him and forget his mistakes, even years later after their separation. Work and success were consuming him, and becoming a priority.

Cut to the year 2020 – Zoe Chauhan (Sara Ali Khan) is a shadow reflection of Raghu Singh. Prioritising her work, depending on casual affairs with no serious forms of attachment in her life (other than her work = her boyfriend). A portrayal of a future Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, spending her days at office Zoe thought she barely had time for a love as genuine as the one Veer Taneja was willing to give her. She was a rare find this generation – a true, committed hard worker that made her success her priority. However, at the end, love always prevails. Zoe and Veer find their happy ending.

The love in 1990 was a secret – hiding from parents; passing secret love letters and looking at each other from afar.

The love in 2020 is loving no secret now – parents are more accepting and aware; love is a mere text message and public displays of attention.

The system has changed, but the way we love remains the same. We understand that you too must have such stories to share with the world – may that story have a happy ending, or sad.

So, what’s your Love Aaj Kal? Write to us!

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