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Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Charles Sturt Study Centres has shifted their classes to online as opposed to the on-campus teaching. Lectures have been shifted to take place face-to-face virtual blended learning models, using the versatile technology from Charles Sturt University’s online platform, striving to provide the same level of interaction as studying in a classroom. Many students have positive feedback on it, as they frankly feel that the online environment tends to be just as much as interactive as the classroom sessions, with lively discussions and debates. Moreover, lectures are quite understanding and take this entire process in a stride!

Further, to enhance the active participation of students, lectures have found effective ways to keep students active in the lessons, by having quizzes at the end of lessons – thus it is no doubt that the same level of exceptional, high – quality teaching is retained. Further, one of the most thrilling aspects of this shift is that you will be part of an international community of students, connected through live classes. Though this change can be exciting and fully effective, for some it might not be so, unfortunately. When you start your degree online, you will have the introductory period until 9th August 2020 to experience face-to-face virtual blended learning; if you do not wish to continue your studies online, you can definitely defer to your place for the intake or choose to withdraw your place at no extra cost.

Moreover, starting a course online during the current climate will show future employers that you are committed to learning and are eager to progress your education and career. Therefore, students may rather look at this situation in a positive light. Just so, CSU understands that it can be a discerning process of transitioning to online lectures. However, they are well-equipped with a support team, including course coordinators, academic support team, wellbeing & career staff. Additionally, CSU will also be conducting career workshops virtually both live and with recording to assist you with your career aspirations even during this uncertainty. 

Such is the commitment by CSU to ensure that students are at their utmost comfort just like with physical classes. Before long, students can transition to on-campus lectures. Till then, it is absolutely prudent that you take the best benefit out of the situation! 

As an independent blogger, this is a review that gives away only the gist of Charles Sturt University, Study Centres and its initiative towards face-to-face virtual blended learning. For more information, please contact AEMC Consultants (Pvt) who is accredited by Charles Sturt University, Study Centres itself as an agent. Moreover, the information in this article is subjected to change according to CSU Study Centres, terms and conditions.

Begin your studies online now, and pave your way for a successful career ahead!

Written by Gayara Rajapakshe
Team UniSnap

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