• Education

    Why is teenage drug abuse the talk of the generation?

    What is teenage drug abuse? Adolescents who misuse drugs may have a more serious danger of building up a fixation when they are grown-ups. It’s vital to realize the distinction between medication misuse and dependence. Numerous adolescents try different things…

  • Education

    Why should self defense be taught to women and children?

    What is self-defense? Self-defense is a countermeasure that includes shielding the wellbeing and prosperity of oneself from harm. The utilization of the directly of self-preservation as a legitimate legitimization for the utilization of power in the midst of threat is…

  • Education

    Working while studying in Australia

    International students, studying in Australia have the chance of working while studying in multiple disciplines including hospitality, tourism, clerical, sales, and tutoring. This is a great way to collect some additional money to aid your living costs and also experience…

  • Education

    Weather in Australia

    Planning to move to Australia for your studies but a little skeptical about the climate, having gotten so used to the warm sunny days? As Australia is lying in the Southern Hemisphere, it is highly different compared to the north.

  • Social Problems

    Sexual assaults among adolescents

    Kids being born in the 21st century are known as the “cool kids” among all generations. Because all these 21st “cool kids” gets to experience the luxurious lifestyle which kids back then couldn’t experience.  For instance the marvelous technology, starting…

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    Migration Fraud is a serious crime!

    When entering Australia, it is mandatory that you provide proper documents, which is free from fraud and misleading statements. Under the Australian immigration law, it is considered a major offense to put forward fraudulent educational, funding documents. In such cases,…

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    Study Group Agent Awards 2018

    The Study Group held its award ceremony, ‘Study Group Agent Awards 2018 Sri Lanka’ on Tuesday, 11th September at Grand Crystal Ballroom, Taj Samudra, Colombo. This initiative was taken with the intention of recognizing the eminent efforts taken by its…