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Nowadays, the topic of generation gap is often discussed frequently. Basically, a generation gap is commonly perceived to refer to the differences between generations that cause conflict and complicate communications, which inherently creates a ‘gap’. It is no surprise that the world is changing at a rapid rate and ‘change’ has become the new normal, thus it is obvious that each generation sees new changes that the older generations have not; this is quite natural to be frank as it shows that we, as people, are evolving. Though, this is a simple explanation, realistically, certain clashes do exist. 

The common areas that generation gap exists is, in technology and music tastes however, you may see traces of it in religious beliefs, attitudes toward different races and groups, work ethic and political views. Importantly the respect for one’s elders have undergone major transformation as well; modern day youngsters come up with fresh ideas and opinions, with the developments in every arena of life, these ideas often clash with the elders due to the generation gap and then it becomes a matter of worry. Predominantly, this occurs between parents and children. The rise to the problem is that parents usually follow traditions and which the children do not have the same agreement with, since they tend to look at the world more broadly. Subsequently, conflicts may occur and it would seem that parents fail to understand their children and vice versa. 

This problem could be easily solved if both the parties agree to understand each other, rather than distance themselves from the conflict. This scenario is often common in many instances, not just in families; schools, offices and other institutions face this clash. As much as elders should not impose the same expectations on their generations, youngsters should not blatantly reject elders. What they should instead do is,  try to understand the big picture; of course no one is completely right or wrong! The key lies in understanding each other and handling it with care: communication is the key here. 

It is really saddening to see that many relationships get ruined due to a generation gap. Thus, everyone should make it a point to start bridging the gap and allow opinions to be expressed without judgement and most importantly, listen to what the older generations have to say as in most cases, they have a wealth of experiences, which could be of aid even in the modern world. 

Finally, let us respect each other for our individuality and communicate expertly. 




Written by Gayara Rajapakshe
Team UniSnap


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