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The world was left to face the wrath of something as tiny and insignificantly small yet powerful enough to shake the very grounds of humanity. Life itself. Globe panicked at the pandemic! Taken by surprise, the complex sapiens lacked foresightedness for something so straightforward.  What was the use of those discoveries found and advancements made ever since the dawn of civilisation? The centuries of toil for knowledge and progression, after all, lacked sight for the imperilled.  Since the dawn of human intellect, achievements had been highly decorated and taken pride in, wasn’t it because of the worth they carried? Worth it definitely did possess. However, it was the mere delusion of “no other reality” that ran alongside, thereby making us puffed in our own vain knowledge. Staggering to and from we are now blind led by the blind.

Knowledge is not static, it is dynamic and unfolds its internal infinitude in time like the seed which, from the very beginning, carries within itself the organic unity of the tree as a present fact.

“Knowledge is, therefore, the whole in its dynamic self-expression, appearing to the temporal vision as a series of definite specifications which cannot be understood except by a reciprocal reference”(Dr. Muhammad Iqbal).

There are a lot of possibilities in the present realities. Covid-19 can be taken as a failure or treated as our way to success on self-development. The choice is ours.

Have we become too distant from the great self and intuition, hence dwelling in the darkness of our own conceited wisdom? We needed to be reminded, nature has its own ways. Nature wanted to breathe and so did we. The Upanishads teach that in both the universe at large and the individual human there exists a pure being impervious to change. In fact the man and the beings have no centre separate from the centre of the whole. And in universe, there is only one centre of existence. It is a unity, only has one centre, else it would be called multiverse(Osho). Indeed man’s pace stopped resonating with the pace of the nature and others living within.  The harmony was disturbed and needed to be re-synchronised. Additionally, humans have become too wise to learn without mistakes. We learn from our mistakes, RIGHT?. Hence Covid-19 is an opportunity for all of us out there. And after acceptance the next stage must be to realise its arrival through action. To introspect on the conditions which led to its outbreak and the deeper message nature is trying to convey.

 Since we are creatures of salvation, rekindling the Katha Upanishad, “Like corn the mortal ripens and fall and like corn is born again: The analogy of re-birth and death.” (Dr. Max Muller). I conclude COVID-19 is our door to rebirth.

Let’s  listen to our inner consciousness. To know thy atman (soul) and to free it from the temporary whims and fancies, while progressing towards the greater eternity. To free the body from the fear of death. To free the soul encased in the body. Finally know the  immortal soul (Upanishad).

We must realise that when we are attracted by the forces around us, mankind, we have the power to shape and direct them accordingly. When being challenged by them, we have the capacity to build a much vaster world in the depths of our own inner being. Christianity was right about seeking within and not outside. In fact both Christianity and Islamism have one point in common. They both believe what needs to be revealed is not something foreign to the world of matter but permeates it through and through.

“Hard his lot and frail his being, like a rose-leaf, yet no form of reality is so powerful, so inspiring, and so beautiful as the spirit of man!” (Dr. Muhammad Iqbal).


Written by Sarah Singh
Undergraduate, Bachelors in Computer Science at Monash University, Malaysia. 


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