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A bottle of wine is like an onion with layers of pleasure. Right from the colours, the smell and the taste to the visual appeal, the brilliant wine never fails to impress…

It comes in colours of Red, Rose, Orange, burgundy, white or sparkling to name a few. The Greeks are thought to be involved with the first appearance of wine in ancient Egypt around the Neolithic period (5400-5000 BC). This truly beautiful poem on wine makes us praise the immense beauty and bounty that it provides. This poem is an ode to Le VIN


A touch, cold enough to make my lips quiver

Set the tone,

Dim the lights,

Hold her tight as a playful endeavor.

Her curves, infinite.

A passionate grab that curiosity invites.

I unravel her.

Bare, in my arms.

Before the mystery of her taste alarms.

Sweet, sinful aroma seduces,

the urge to fight back the relish reduces.

Our lips meet,

feels like heaven’s di(vine)

Isn’t she fine?

After all, she is, Chateau de wine.

Written By:
Saaz Lahiri, Bachelors in Liberal Arts, Ashoka University.

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