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Your dream of studying in Australia is about to become a reality; you have received the offer letter from the university but there is one hurdle to overcome: the grueling, complex visa process. In recent times, the Australian Government has made the procedure tougher and more demanding. The Department of Immigration is very particular on the criteria and carefully investigates each and every applicant.

After the tedious visa process, you don’t want to get your visa rejected due to mere ignorance right?

Let’s take a look at the reasons why an Australian Student Visa may be refused so that you will make sure to be meticulous and thorough.

1. Lack of funds

It is paramount that you meet the stipulated financial requirement to study in Australia. You need to be able to show sufficient funds to pay for your course fees, living costs, and travel expenses. In order to prove this, you are required to show the sources of income; evidence such as payslips, bank statements, financial assets, and investments. If you are unable to prove that you are financially stable to support yourself in Australia, you may face a visa rejection.

2. Inadequate level of English Proficiency

It is imperative that the non-native English speakers are posses relevant English language skills according to the chosen course. IELTS, PTE or TOFEL certificates are the standard proof documents to prove your English Proficiency.

3. Inability to meet the health requirements

To be granted visa to Australia, you must satisfy the necessary health requirements. Therefore, to get the approval, a medical certificate will have to be submitted to prove that you do not have any highly contagious diseases such tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and hepatitis. Failure to meet this health criterion, your visa will be denied.

4. Fraudulent documentation

If you present dishonest information in your application for instance like, altered salary details, bogus educational certificates, your visa will definitely be refused. You will also be given a 3-year ban as well; in some serious cases, it can go to the extent of being permanently banned from entering the country. Thus, it is important that you act with honesty throughout the process and make sure that all the documents are accurate.

5. Inadequate proof documents

One of the main reasons that your visa may get rejected is when you have not submitted the proof documents and paperwork needed. It is important that the evidence that you submit are strong and consistent. It is imperative that everything you claim is demonstrated with proper documents. Therefore, make sure to thoroughly check, double check and triple check your paperwork.

6. Unacceptable Character

Australia is vigilante on migrants who have a history of criminal activity or have been associated with people or organizations involved in criminal conduct. A character test will be used to evaluate these applicants. If an applicant is known to have a substantial character record, there is a high likelihood that the same behavior may be repeated in Australia as well. Such cases, your visa will be denied.

7. Not enough proof to indicate that you may want to come back to the home country.

It is important to provide sufficient documentation to prove that you clearly have an intention to return to the home country after completing your studies. This can be done by proving you have strong ties such as having immediate family members, husband, wife, children etc back home. In addition, having responsibilities like a professional job or ownership of a business is a clear indicator that you may want to come back home.  Further, if you have traveled abroad and returned home within the visa granted period, it is highly likely that you will be granted a visa.



Written by Gayara Rajapakshe
Team UniSnap


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