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Planning to move to Australia for your studies but a little skeptical about the climate, having gotten so used to the warm sunny days? As Australia is lying in the Southern Hemisphere, it is highly different compared to the north.

Summer – December to February

 Autumn – March to May

 Winter – June to August

 Spring – September to November


You needn’t worry because Australia is the perfect place to be! Whether you like to be in the warm weather or prefer a cooler climate, Australia has the climate for everyone!

Australia covers 7.7 million square kilometers. Thus, it has several climate zones. Its climate differs across its eight states and territories. Moreover, there north and south hemisphere.

Northern Australia

Northern Australia consists of three states and territories – Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland. If you are looking to enjoy yourself soaking in vitamins and warming up in the beach, Northern section of Australia is the ideal place to be. It is known to be hot and humid in the summer and quite warm and dry in the winter.

Clothing: Cotton clothing in the summer with a raincoat for local showers Sweater for winter months.


Southern Australia

If you prefer milder, steady cooler climate, the South is for you. Areas include Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

Clothing: Light weight clothing with a seater for cooler months Medium weight clothing for winter months

Weather conditions in some of the major cities in Australia.


  • Mediterranean style climate
  • Warm – hot summers
  • Mild – cooler winters
  • Rainfall is highest in March, June


  • Warm – hot summers
  • Cool winters
  • Rainfall is highest in October


  • Very changeable weather with generally temperate climate
  • Warm & hot summers
  • Mild, temperate springs and Autumn
  • Cool winters
  • Rainfall is highest from May to October


  • Subtropical Climate, with hot weather most of the year
  • Warm summers 30 C/86 F
  • Rainfall is highest from December – February.
  • Winter is dry and mild


  • Mild, wet winters
  • Warm & dry summers
  • Rainfall is highest in June


  • Hot & dry summers
  • Cool & wet winters
  • Rainfall is highest between May and September.

Whatever the city you choose, you will be living in a diverse environment with beautiful rainforests, sparse deserts, and golden sandy beaches; you can definitely experience a life of rich diversity.

Take a swim in Sydney’s golden beaches; enjoy watching corals and exotic fish: enjoy a wide variety of flora and fauna, Australia is the place to be!




Written by Gayara Rajapakshe
Team UniSnap




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